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WEEKDAY LUNCH BUFFET MONDAY-FRIDAY: $12.95 per person includes lunch and free can of soda from 11am-2:30pm.

SUNDAY BRUNCH SPECIAL: $13.95 per person gets you a taste of a classic Turkish breakfast.


Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine

Chef Habip Kargin cooks as if he were home with family. Come be part of the Pera family tonight.



Mashed chick peas blended with fresh garlic, tahini paste.
$ 5.95

Eggplant Salad

Smoked eggplant with grilled peppers, grilled tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice.


Home-made yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic and mint.
$ 5.95


Lightly sauté ed eggplant, with zucchini, carrots with tomato sauce.
$ 5.95


Home -made Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants & onions.
$ 7.50

Spinach Tarator

Home-made Yoghurt mixed with spinach sauté.
$ 5.95


Creakes wheat salad with parsley, scallions and touch of olive oil & lemon juice.
$ 5.50


Turkish Spicy Salad. Mixed vegetables chopped, blended with pepper paste, pomegranate, molasses & olive oil.
$ 5.95

Mixed appetizer platter

Your choice of any three appetizers.
$ 13.95

Turkish feta cheese

Authentic Turkish Feta, fresh ripe tomatoes with drizzles of olive oil.
$ 6.95


*Comes with rice & complimentary bread (one serving per person) and cheese dip per table

Pera’s Signature Adana*

Fresh Lamb hand ground daily and marinated with Eastern Mediterranean spices.
$ 13.95

Lamb Shish*

Special marinated cubes of lamb grilled to delight on skewers.
$ 13.95

Lamb Chops*

Chargrilled baby lamb chops with rice and vegetables.
$ 22.95

Chicken Shish*

Spiced- fire roasted tender cubes of marinated chicken.
$ 13.95

Beef Shish*

Chargrill special marinated beef tenderloin.
$ 14.95

Doner Kebab (Gyro)*

Fresh ground Lamb marinated with our own secret blending of seasonings, cooked on a Rotating spit, then thinly sliced.
$ 12.95

Pera Style Kasarli Kofte*

Delicious combination of chargrilled with kasarli cheese, pistachio and ground lamb.
$ 13.95

Pera Chicken Adana*

Fresh ground chicken adana marinated with Turkish spices.
$ 12.95

Mixed Grill Platter*

Featuring the main plates segment of The Pera Tradition as generous individual order of Rich Combination of Chicken Shish, Beef Shish, Lamb Chops, and Gyro Kofte.
$ 22.95

Pilic Topkapi

Boneless cornish hen, stuffed with traditional rice, served with zucchini pancakes and fries.
$ 14.95

Chicken Gyro*

Seasoned upright rotisserie chicken thinly sliced.
$ 12.95


Baked layers of eggplant, zucchini, potato filled with ground beef topped with creamy bechamel sauce.
$ 14.95

Beyti Kebap*

Your choice of adana kebap or chicken adana kebap wrapped in lavish bread then topped with yogurt and tomato sauce.
$ 14.95

Iskender Kebap*

Gyro/Doner is served over sautéed pita bread, fresh tomato sauce.
$ 14.95

Pera Cop Shish*

Small cubes of lamb marinated in special sauce served with rice.
$ 15.95

Vegetable Casserole*

Mixed seasonal fresh garden vegetables cooked with tomato & olive oil, served with rice.
$ 13.95


Bean, chickpeas and vegetables fritter
$ 6.95

Zuchini Pancakes

Fresh zucchini mixed feta cheese vegetables, pan-fried & served with yogurt.
$ 6.95

Phyllo Cheese Borek

Creamy feta cheese and spinach wrapped in filo pastry.
$ 6.95

Liver cubes

Pan fried Calfs liver with Sumac, red onion and parsley.
$ 9.95


Turkish Shepherd Salad

Fresh tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, onion , parsley.Tossed with olive oil and lemon.
$ 8.95

Octopus Salad

Grilled Octopus served with tomato, red onions tossed with olive oil and lemon.
$ 13.95

Beet Salad

Baby spinach, beets and goat cheese topping served with pomegranate vinaigrette.
$ 8.95

Harem Salad

Exotic salad of hot Halloumi cheese with figs and walnut on a bed of mixed leaves.
$ 8.95

Mixed Greens Salad

Mixed greens served with tomato, onions tossed with olive oil and lemon.
$ 8.95

Extra Toppings

Octopus $5.00 Shrimp $5.00 Gyro $4.00 Chicken Gyro $4.00 Chicken Shish $4.00 Extra Cheese $0.95


Vegetable Casserole

Mixed seasonal fresh garden vegatbles cooked with tomato and olive oil.
$ 13.95

Falafel Platter

Hummus, falafel, rice and house salad.
$ 13.95

Energy Platter

Falafel, hummus tabbouleh, and greek salad.
$ 13.95


Very thin Turkish pizza covered with seasonal minced meat & onion.
$ 11.95

Spinach Mushroom Pide

Turkish traditional pidettes with Spinach.
$ 10.95

Soujouk Pire

Turkish traditional pidettes with Soujouk.
$ 10.95

Kasseri Cheese Pide

Turkish traditional pidettes with Kasserie Cheese olive oil, lemon juice, tomato sauce, currants & onions.
$ 10.95


Grilled Branzino

Whole Branzino, known as Mediterranean SeaBass, chargrilled with greens & lemon.
$ 20.95

Grilled Shrimp Shish*

Large size shrimp grilled on skewer, then served with rice and vegetables.
$ 15.95

Salmon Kebap*

Cubed marinated char-grilled salmon with lemon and olive oil.
$ 15.95

Salmon Marmaris*

Baked salmon, tomatoes garlic and onion sauce.
$ 16.95

Chef Habip Kargin

Meet the Chef

Born in Mersin, Turkey, Habip Kargin is a passionate and creative chef with over 15 years experience who views food as an art and a way of life. His style of cooking is rooted in Mediterranean cuisine and includes bread making, pastries, dish presentation and butchery using fresh farm to market meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.


Come join us, eat and feel like family.

Anthony P.

“Absolute Great Service, Very Friendly and the food is Fantastic!!! We’ve found our new Favorite Mediterranean/Turkish Food place!!! Love It!!!!!“

Stephanie L.

This place was perfect and couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere, and the service was on point. Place is BYOB so be sure to bring your favorite wine along!

Demetrios C.

Pera has simply outstanding food, attentive and personable service. I’m of Greek heritage and their food is absolutely the best, most authentic Mediterranean food in Dallas.

Matt L.

Killer place, go for the business lunch! You get a great deal for the amount of food you get. The flavors are delicate and perfectly balanced. Will be back soon.

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