Special note




Lentil Soup -- $4.95
Turkish red lentils cooked with vegetables and herbs,
then slowly simmered


Humus -- $5.95
Mashed chick peas blended with fresh garlic, tahini paste

Eggplant Salad -- $5.95
Smoked eggplant with grilled peppers, grilled tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice

Cacik $5.95
Home-made yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic and mint

Saksuka -- $5.95
Lightly sauté ed eggplant, with zucchini, carrots with tomato sauce

Dolma -- $7.50
Home -made Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants & onions

Spinach Tarator -- $5.95
Home-made Yoghurt mixed with spinach sauté

Tabbouleh -- $5.50
Creakes wheat salad with parsley, scallions and touch of olive oil & lemon juice

Ezme -- $5.95
Turkish Spicy Salad. Mixed vegetables chopped, blended
with pepper paste, pomegranate, molasses & olive oil

Mixed Appetizers Platter -- $13.95
A rich combination platter of 3 cold appetizers chosen by you

Turkish Feta Cheese -- $6.95
Authentic Turkish Feta, fresh ripe tomatoes with drizzles of olive oil



Falafel -- $6.95
Bean, chickpeas and vegetables fritter

Zucchini Pankaces -- $6.95
Fresh zucchini mixed feta cheese vegetables, pan-fried &
served with yogurt

Phyllo Cheese Borek -- $6.95
Creamy feta cheese and spinach wrapped in filo pastry

Liver Cubes -- $9.95
Pan fried Calfs liver with Sumac, red onion and parsley



Turkish Shepherd Salad-- $8.95
Fresh tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, onion , parsley.Tossed with
olive oil and lemon

Octopus Salad -- $13.95
Grilled Octopus served with tomato, red onions tossed with
olive oil and lemon

Beet Salad-- $8.95
Baby spinach, beets and goat cheese topping served with
pomegranate vinaigrette

Harem Salad-- $8.95
Exotic salad of hot Halloumi cheese with figs and walnut on a
bed of mixed leaves

Mixed Greens Salad-- $8.95
Mixed greens served with tomato, onions tossed with olive oil and lemmon


Octopus $5.00
Shrimp $5.00
Gyro $4.00
Chicken Gyro $4.00
Chicken Shish $4.00
Extra Cheese $0.95


*Comes with Rice
Complimentary one bread per person and cheese dip per table

*PERA’S Signature “ADANA” -- $13.95
Fresh Lamb hand ground daily and marinated with Eastern Mediterranean spices

*Lamb Shish -- $15.95
Special marinated cubes of lamb grilled to delight on skewers

*Lamb Chops -- $22.95
Chargrilled baby lamb chops with rice and vegetables

*Chicken Shish -- $13.95
Spiced- fire roasted tender cubes of marinated chicken

*Beef Shish -- $14.95
Chargrill special marinated beef tenderloin

*Doner Kebab (Gyro) -- $12.95
Fresh ground Lamb marinated with our own secret blending
of seasonings, cooked on a Rotating spit, then thinly sliced

*Pera Style Kasarli Kofte -- $13.95
Delicious combination of chargrilled with kasarli cheese,
pistachioand Ground Lamb

*Pera Chicken Adana-- $12.95
Fresh ground chicken adana marinated with Turkish spices

*Mixed Grill Platter -- $22.95

Pilic Topkapi -- $14.95
Boneless cornish hen, stuffed with traditional rice, served with zucchini pancakes and fries

*Mixed Grill Platter -- $22.95

*Chicken Gyro -- $12.95
Seasoned upright rotisserie chicken thinly sliced

*Mixed Grill Platter -- $22.95

*Moussaka -- $14.95
Baked layers of eggplant, zucchini, potato filled with ground beef topped with creamy bechamel sauce

*Mixed Grill Platter -- $22.95
Featuring the main plates segment of The Pera Tradition
as generous individual order of Rich Combination of
Chicken Shish, Beef Shish, Lamb Chops, and Gyro Kofte

*Beyti Kebap -- $14.95
Your choice of adana kebap or chicken adana kebap wrapped in lavish bread then topped with yogurt and tomato sauce

*Hunkar Begendi -- $15.95
Sultan’s Favorite Tender pieces of lamb slowly simmered
in tomato sauce, served over a bed of smoked eggplant puree

*Iskender Kebap -- $14.95
Gyro/Doner is served over sautéed pita bread, fresh
tomato sauce

*Pera Cop Shish -- $15.95
Small cubes of lamb marinated in special sauce served with rice

*Vegetable Casserole -- $13.95
Mixed seasonal fresh garden vegetables cooked with
tomato & olive oil, served with rice



Grilled Branzino -- $20.95
Whole Branzino, known as Mediterranean SeaBass,
Chargrilled with green & lemon

*Grilled Shrimp Shish -- $15.95
Large size shrimp grilled on skewer, then served with
rice and vegetables

*Salmon Kebap -- $15.95
Cubed marinated char-grilled salmon with lemon and olive oil

*Salmon Marmaris -- $16.95
Baked salmon, tomatoes garlic and onion sauce



*Vegatable Casserole -- $13.95
Mixed seasonal fresh garden vegatbles cooked with tomato and olive oil

*Falafel Platter-- $13.95
Hummus, falafel, rice and house salad

*Energy Platter-- $13.95
Falafel, hummus tabbouleh, and greek salad


Lahmacun -- 11.95
Very thin Turkish pizza covered with seasonal minced
meat & onion

Spinach Mushroom Pide -- $10.95
Turkish traditional pidettes with Spinach

Soujouk Pide -- $10.95
Turkish traditional pidettes with Soujouk

Kasseri Cheese Pide -- 10.95
Turkish traditional pidettes with Kasserie Cheese
olive oil, lemon juice, tomato sauce, currants & onions



Bulgur Rice -- $3.95

White Rice -- $3.95

Pera Fries -- $3.95

Yogurt -- $3.95

Grilled Vegetables -- $3.95
Prepared with lemon juice, mustard seeds, peanuts, and curry leaves



Baklava -- $5.95
Very thin layers of dough with walnuts in between layers

Kunefe -- $7.00
Shredded wheat with pistachio and soft cheese filling
in thick syrup. Baked in oven

Kazandibi -- $5.95
Baked Caramelised Burnt Milk Pudding

Turkish Coffee Cream Brulee -- $6.00
Cream Brulee decorated with Turkish Coffee



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr.Pepper -- $2

Lemonade, Ice Tea -- $2
Free Refill

Turkish Hot Tea -- $2
Free Refill

Turkish Hot Tea (Tea Pot) -- $10

Apple Tea -- $2.50

Pelegrino Spring Water -- $2.50